6 Tips to Graduate Architects Who Are Just Beginning Their Career

From the beginning of time, building houses and looking for shelters have become one of the crucial things to do before the sun sets at night.

Alongside this unrequited need for shelter, the more creative the person is, the better the outcome of the building design and later construction. The world of modern and contemporary architecture has produced several amazing monuments of human creativity, sensibility, and aesthetics.

This can be a source of inspiration for many designers out there, who are willing to experiment and learn all they can to become better professionals in this beautiful and fulfilling career.

Here are some tips that can help you if you are starting in that area.

Test Technology

Great technological advances allow creating new structures that surround the world, as it was the invention of steel, back in the 19th century. The architecture was previously based on stone masonry, and implementing steel to the new structures made changes that allowed constructions to rise to new heights.

A clear example was the Eiffel Tower, which became (in its time), the highest construction in the world, at an outrageous 324 meters.

Bend the Rules

The structures of the skyscrapers have usually been vertical. Until Rem Koolhaas and the architecture firm he directs, OMA, began to work in Beijing, China at the headquarters of its Central Television. Its innovative structure consists of a loop containing 6 parts, 3 of which are horizontal.

This new way to look at buildings, made the architects, and engineers, to think again and make everything possible for this to happen.

Stick to Your Principles

In Germany, the Bauhaus school advocated for strict principles of minimalism and pure functionality, and its practitioners adhered to these no matter how much resistance they encountered.

Modernism is not known for producing the most cheerful buildings, but rather for intellectual integrity.

Sketch Your Concepts

Some people mistakenly think that architecture is a purely rational art, based on engineering and mathematics, with a minimum margin for aesthetics to be presented. Sometimes this may be true, but some architects show the opposite, and it all can be seen in their sketch work.


Architects can be good and all, but if they don’t have enough references of work, they’ll be doomed. Think about it this way, you have to travel to visit sites and projects you love to admire on books. That’s the thing with architecture; you have to feel the space.

Next time you’re going to travel, think about every architecture project you might find in the way and you’ll have a blast every time you’re on vacation.

Solve Problems

The great creative architects often think of problem-solving when they’re designing. This thinking is totally real.

This premise can be evidenced by the innovative Dutch firm, UNstudio, which was entrusted to work in the airport of Brussels, and its impressive design exceeded the expectations of what was requested.

Get Noticed

In recent years, it’s fun to watch buildings with a distinctive look and see how have they become the perfect way to identify an entire city or region. An obvious example is the Opera House, in Sydney, which functions as the city’s logo.

It was designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, and his cheerful design was presented as part of an international competition.

All these tips were a compilation of the work observed in the last 150 years, with emphasis on the contemporary era. However, they will undoubtedly help you no matter what your concept may be. You can also be inspired by other disciplines that will allow you to improve your designs.