Looking at Buildings is a blog that represents the love and affection that everyone posses with the architecture in general. More importantly, it stands as a cultural place to everyone that is interested in admiring beautiful buildings and read more about them

With years writing articles for Looking at Buildings, it has come to my attention that this blog represents something more than just a place to admiring buildings and architecture. It stands as a place to learn more about the science behind this artwork.

That’s why I think that the time for contributing to Looking at Buildings has come, so we can become something else. A bigger blog with more features and articles, but to achieve this, we need the help of everyone interested in this site.

If you desire to contribute to this blog and leave a small donation, you are freely to do so. Please contact me using the contact information so you can leave your donation there.

But if you are an investor that wants to contribute to Looking at Buildings, we can arrange a deal that can be suitable for both parts. Of course, first we have to talk about the interest and the future of the blog, so we can have a better vision of our deal.

With that being said, Looking at Buildings is the go-to place for many architecture lovers, and with my effort I will post in this blog, but is time to take action and help this blog become something better.