The 3 Major Problems that Architecture and Overall Design Are Dealing With in 2018

When entering the architectural world, or even the industrial design field all over the globe, it’s important to know how to face any problems, and what exactly are you willing to overcome and take advantage of while putting your intellect up to test.

Recently, a group of personnel from different construction disciplines was surveyed to know a little bit more about the ups and downs they face in their specific area.

Architects, engineers, artists, and contractors were asked to indicate some weak points regarding collaborative construction processes.

Starting from the usual discussions you can have between architects and engineers, or with the different materials to use, or the last-minute design changes, here are the 3 main problems they found:

Collaborative Processes Leave Much to Be Desired

The complexity and contrasting groups that are required to build any structure create the need for good design assistance. Currently, the collaboration systems implemented are not ready to meet that need yet, and they should be.

According to research about the latest tools, they have discovered that parts are missing to achieve a simplified collaboration.

The results of a survey on the subject show that 94% of the professionals were not completely satisfied with the available tools. The survey respondents expressed the need to include the different parties at the beginning of the project with the required leadership characteristics to combine all the disciplines that take part in the construction of a building.

BIM Creation and Sharing Tolls Need Improvement for Better Results

As a result of the survey carried out, it was concluded that better coordination in real time between platforms is needed.

Survey respondents showed significant frustration with current BIM practices. The BIM and CAD Software are among the applications offered as a solution. One contractor said the Procore and the Buildingconnected tool was working very well for him.

Several designers mentioned Rhino, Revit, AutoCAD, and other well-established business tools. Other participants recognized and learned about Zahner’s use of the Dassault Systems 3DX platform.

Each discipline must determinate what works best for it. It was concluded that a better translation of significant data from the designer is needed directly in the manufacturing.

Trust Is Imperative

The main problem in all types of projects is always the money and how it is used. And everything related to money has to do with trust. It has been noted that there is generally more trust between the developer, the contractors, and the owner, while architects must strive to gain the owner’s trust.

Creating a relationship of mutual respect will guarantee a much smoother design and construction process, and more projects awarded in the future.

Establishing and maintaining trust requires energy and time. Knowing all the parties involved will allow compliance with the obligations, which is very important. Providing open communication and education, involving the client and partners to improve the problems that concern them are key factors.

After having analyzed the main problems presented here, we hope this article is helpful for you if you work in this industry. It would be important to discuss the points above to find the best solutions in the collaborative process.