My name is Jean Christenson, and being a Virginia native, more specifically Reston, born and raised, made me get interested in the world of architecture. It has also taught me about the wonders of said world just by looking at the marvelous sculptures and buildings that surround this beautiful state.

So I prepared myself to be an architect from a young age, and with effort, I accomplished my dream and became even more interested in buildings and constructions.

Looking at Buildings was born when I decided to create a place in which I could discuss and talk about the different buildings that I like around the world, and are worth to mention.

I also write about things related to architecture that are quite important, and other interesting articles that are worth to take a look at.

Being objective about it, I write articles about different subjects that are focused on the world of architecture. It’s what makes me happy, and I’m quite good at writing about it. That’s why we don’t only talk about buildings, but other projects and constructions, and design which is architecture-related.